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Fantastagirl & The Math Monster


Book & Lyrics by Tori Boutin

Music & Lyrics by Madeline Belknap

Fantastagirl, a second-grade superhero who uses words to save the day, comes face to face with her worst nightmare: the Math Monster! When confronted with problems too big for words alone to solve, Fantastagirl must accept help from her friendly, furry, fraction-loving foe. While Fantastagirl and Math Monster use words and numbers to help her friends and scientist moms, something far more sinister than Math brews on the horizon. 


"a bold and bright musical...Tori Boutin, who wrote the book and co-wrote the lyrics with Madeline Belknap, certainly seems to know their audience; there’s a poop joke within the first seven minutes that had the children cracking up." Sarah Shah DC Metro Theater Arts (2022)

Nominated for 2023 Helen Hayes - Best Ensemble (Helen)

The Seaside Adventures of Zoey Brine

Book & Lyrics by Tori Boutin

Music & Lyrics by Madeline Belknap

Zoey Brine, a nearly-thirteen year old aspiring conservationist, travels all around the Chesapeake trying to solve her mom's weekly riddles. In this four-part musical episodic adventure, Zoey teams up with a wild cast of characters to solve her weekly mysteries, encountering a new threat to the environment every week. Littering? Runoff? Overfishing? Oh my! Aided by Ranger Dale and armed with her Seaside Field Guide, Zoey's mission is to protect the seaside for years to come.

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