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The Revolution Will Be

 "I had the joy of observing Tori Boutin (Understudy, performing for Sayjal Joshi), who felt the most natural and comfortable on the stage, as if they were indeed living and breathing the performance. " 

Theatre Bloom
Erin Tarpley 

Sing to Me Now

Maryland Theatre Guide
Mary Ann Johnson 

"As Yankee, Tori Boutin, is simply hysterical. [They have] a comedic timing and ability to quickly pull a funny face and flee the scene that is just laugh-out-loud funny. [They] even walk funny"


Squeakers &
Mr Gumdrop

"Tori Boutin as Mr. Gumdrop is a consistent delight onstage with a loud face and consistent physicality that draws the attention of the little ones"

DC Theatre Scene
Alan Katz

Just Ask Celia Wren...

"rampantly mugging" - Washington Post '17

"gets tiring" - Washington Post '19

"underwhelms" - Washington Post '21

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